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9-11 : Medium

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The quintessential athletic sock, the white ankle sock has grown in popularity to not only be used by athletes, but also those cool kids hanging out in their skateboard shoes. * Sock composition may vary.


  • *% Cotton
  • *% Polyester
  • *% Nylon
  • *% Lycra

Thickness [What's This?]

  • Sheer
  • Thin
  • Regular
  • Thick
Sheer Socks
Sheer socks are nearly similar to pantyhose, but just barely thicker. They're still a fairly durable sock, but they're generally only found in loafer cut sizes, which fall below no-show socks in length.
Thin Socks
These socks are generally about the thickness of a dress sock. They come in a variety of lengths, but generally not found above ankle length. They work well with athletics for a lighter sock, as well as basic dress socks.
Regular Socks
These are your standard, cotton blend socks. They make for a great casual sock, as well as a basic athletic sock to go to the gym. Typically, you find these with an 80/20 cotton/poly blend, or an 80/20 cotton/nylon blend.
Thick Socks
Thick Socks are generally wool socks or wool/cotton blends. We rarely carry these kinds of socks, but use them to illustrate the difference between the regular sock and a thicker sock.

Black and White Socks Size Chart

* Please note that socks vary from brand to brand, and even from batch to batch. There will always be a slight variant in the sizes, but generally, they should be fairly close to the size chart below.
Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
Small 6-8.5 4-6
Medium 9-11 6-8
Large 10-13 8-12

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